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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Meet Katelyn

If you’re planning your Las Vegas Elopement, you might be wondering how to  make your elopement feel personal for you and your partner. You don’t want it to feel like a cookie cutter elopement! Adding a couple of small details or an activity can help create the unique and personal feeling you’re wanting for your wedding day!

Today I’m sharing 4 fun ways to personalize your Las Vegas Elopement!

Personalize your Las Vegas Elopement with colorful bouquets.

Add a Colorful Bouquet

First, order a bouquet! For your elopement photos, having a bouquet is an easy way to add color, texture, and something personal. A bouquet also gives your hands something to do if you feel awkward in front of the camera!  If you’re getting married at a Las Vegas chapel, the bouquet options they offer can be minimal and often are standard styles. 

Couple kissing at photo booth in Sure Thing Chapel in Las Vegas.

Here are my favorite elopement bouquet vendors in Las Vegas who create dreamy bouquets!

Mini Elopement Cake 

If you want to add a traditional wedding nod to your elopement, I’ve been LOVING small elopement cakes! After your ceremony and portraits, we’ll find a spot to cut the cake and celebrate. Sometimes that’s a street corner or we can find a table at a restaurant! 

Couple with mini elopement cake outside of A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.

Here are my favorite mini wedding cake vendors in Las Vegas: 

Personalize your Las Vegas Elopement with a mini wedding cake.

Embrace Vegas Vibes with Your Outfits

One way to lean into your Las Vegas elopement is to embrace the kitschyness of Vegas through your outfits! You can add small details like fun socks, big earrings, a pink veil, a fun printed shirt or tie, heart-shaped sunglasses, etc. You can go really big and show up fully decked out in pink, vibrant colors, glitter, and sequins! Nothing is off limits when you get married in Vegas! If more traditional wedding attire is what you’re going for that’s great too, and you can use the other ideas to create a more Vegas feel.

Las Vegas bride and groom in all pink for elopement.

Make a Pit Stop 

Eloping means you can pretty much do whatever you want! Think you’ll be hungry after your ceremony? Let’s stop by In-n-Out or grab a slice of pizza! We can grab a slurpee at a 7-Eleven! Whether we’re on Fremont or on the Strip there are countless places to pop into for a cocktail or bite to eat. 

Couple eating pizza during elopement in Las Vegas.

Maybe there’s a different spot in Vegas that has meaning to you or you think would be fun to visit on your elopement day. One activity I’ve been loving is when my couples get matching tattoos together! Adding a small activity to your elopement day makes it all the more special to you two and will be something you always remember about your day! 

Couple eating In-N-Out during elopement in Las Vegas

Whether you’re dreaming of an elopement with kitchsy vibes or a sophisticated feel, there is no right or wrong with whatever you both are envisioning! As a Las Vegas Elopement Photographer and I’ve seen ALL types of Vegas elopements!

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer 

I’m Katelyn and I’m a elopement photographer based in Las Vegas! I would love to chat with you about your dream Vegas elopement! Get in touch with me here!   

Sure Thing Chapel Wedding Las Vegas

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Las Vegas elopement, check out a few of my favorite elopement galleries like this elopement at Sure Thing Chapel or this one at A Little White Chapel!

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