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air force electrician turned photographer.

I've loved photography ever since I can remember. When I was 15, I photographed my first wedding with a DSLR borrowed from my church. At 16, I saved up my money from my part-time job, bought my first "big camera," and spent my free time taking photos of my friends, myself, my sister, and anyone who would allow me to point my camera at them. Nothing made me feel as excited as photography did, and after my senior year of high school I did what felt right at the time and... joined the military. (Wait, what?)

I spent 4 years in the Air Force as a C-17 electrician and, spoiler alert...

it was definitely not for me in the long run! Knowing what I really wanted was to be a photographer, I spent the last 2 years of my enlistment acquiring gear, learning all that I could, and second shooting weddings for any local photographers who would trust me.

Today, I'm living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband and our two cat sons. The military taught me a lot that is still useful today - attention to detail, people skills, and putting the mission above myself (in this case, the mission is documenting your wedding day, of course.) I wouldn't be the same photographer today without those lessons.

if you've made it this
far, enjoy some random
facts about me! —

I love Marvel movies + true crime podcasts
I'm a newlywed! Married on December 30, 2019
My cats' names are Liam + Hunter
I'm a plant killer, but I'm working on that
I frequent Amazon Prime + Target, naturally
Farmers markets are my happy place
My favorite shows are Parks & Rec + Schitt's Creek
I'm a Las Vegas transplant - originally from Ohio!

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Katelyn "Faye" is a wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She specializes in taking a candid, documentary approach to capturing your day exactly how you planned it to be - all of the love, the fun and the details.