Justin & Samantha | Ogden, Utah Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Justin and Samantha each have such a big heart and are truly meant for each other. Today is their wedding day and I'm so excited to celebrate with them!

Don't you just die over the way that Justin looks at his almost-wife? I melted into a puddle during this session and I fully expect to do so once again today.

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My Take on the Michael's Challenge!

Have you seen the Hobby Lobby/Michael's challenge?? Basically, photographers have been shooting in the aisles of these craft stores and making them look like beautiful locations! After checking out my local Hobby Lobby and Michael's, I decided that Michael's had more potential for my desired look. I wanted to do this before the hype fizzled out, and I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome! I messaged Ashtyn and asked her if she would be interested in modeling for me, and within a couple days, we had it planned! I tried to implement my own style, and I hope that you enjoy the results.

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The Sanders Wedding | Sterling, Virginia Wedding | Travel Wedding Photographer

Derrick and Pague. What can I say about these two? For those of you who don't know, I spent four years in the Air Force. I met these two in those years, and a while after I separated and moved across the country to Utah, I saw through good ol' Facebook that they got engaged! Pague messaged me asking for recommendations for photographers out East, wanting someone with a similar style to mine. I told her I'd be happy to recommend some amazing photographers, but slipped in that I'd also be happy to travel back out there to shoot it! Needless to say, I crossed my fingers, and was SO thrilled when she chose to have me as her photographer! Their wedding took place at the Trump International Golf Course in Sterling, VA. (President Trump also happened to be there that weekend, only left soon before the wedding started! Crazy!)

I never got to see these two together before their wedding day, and oh my goodness, they were MADE for each other. Two complete dog lovers. Two super fun and super sweet humans. I'm so happy that they found each other. Honestly, I can't imagine that anyone could look at their gallery without smiling ear to ear. You can FEEL their joy and ultimately that is my goal with every session and every wedding that I am given the privilege to photograph. 

When I was in the military, I didn't necessarily fit in. I wasn't "one of the guys." However, I generally had a pretty good time, and let me tell you, the guys I worked with were HILARIOUS. I was so excited that I was going to see some of them again, and oh my goodness, I was not disappointed. The reception was a freakin' RIOT and I laughed so much! You'll see here. Trust me.

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Marc & Brianna | Ogden, Utah Wedding Photographer

Marc and Brianna have been married for a little over a month and a half now, but I'm just getting to posting their engagement session! I absolutely loved photographing these two, and as Brianna is an amazing photographer herself, I was honored that she wanted me to photograph her and Marc! These two giggled and laughed throughout the entire session and I left with my heart in a puddle.

Baby Mylo | Ogden, Utah Fresh 48 Photographer

Hi friends! I think it's time for me to catch up on blogging some old sessions... Starting with this precious Fresh 48 session that I did for Parker and Kalen the day after their sweet baby girl Mylo made her grand debut! I can't express how much I LOVE these sessions, and parents having these images to look back on is so special. Enjoy!

A Styled Wedding Session (Part Two) | Provo, Utah Wedding Photographer

Here it is, part TWO of the amazing styled session that I did at the end of September! I have been so busy lately so I am so excited to finally have a chance to blog these beautiful images and share them with you all. These two newlyweds were absolutely amazing during this session, I mean, look how beautiful they are!

A Styled Wedding Session (Part One) | Provo, Utah Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to be a part of a beautiful styled wedding session! It will be broken up into two parts because it's just too much goodness for one post. Myself and a group of other talented photographers were lucky enough to photograph a beautiful couple, lovely floral arrangements, pretty (and so delicious!) cakes, as well as the most amazing tables!