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Wedding day emergency kits are a thing for a reason! You never know what you or your wedding party might find yourself looking for on the wedding day! Someone might need a sewing kit, a Tide pen, headache meds, oil blotting pads, .etc! Fingers crossed these emergency items go unused, but it’s always better to be prepared! *Affiliate links below!

As a wedding photographer, I’m all too familiar with the random happenings that can come up. I’ve put together an Amazon list of 10 essential items for your wedding day emergency kit that are a must-have!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: 10 Essentials from Amazon

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Toiletry Bag
Photo from Amazon

See Through Toiletry Bag

Before we get into the specific items, this toiletry bag would be perfect for storing everything. I love this bag because you can see everything inside. This is helpful if someone aside from you, needs to find something. They should be able to see it without having to ask or having to rummage through every pocket.

Check it out here: Toiletry Bag  

Plus, I like the idea of hanging it up in your getting-ready area for easy access. You can zip it up to keep closed throughout the day and can use it long after the wedding.

#1 Bodyglide


For my fellow victims of the dreaded CHAFING, I swear by this stuff. Bodyglide is truly a dream to have on hand to keep those areas comfortable.

#2 Blister Bandaids

Blister Bandaids 

While I highly recommend breaking your wedding day shoes in BEFORE the big day, I know that’s not always the case. Even if you don’t find yourself needing these, you may have a member of your wedding party thanking you later. We all know how blisters can sneak up and how painful they are!

#3 Simple First Aid Kit

Basic First Aid Kit

This simple First Aid kit has everything you need to take care of minor scratches and injuries. It has bandaids, ointment, gauze pads, and so much more. This is another item that you hope you don’t need, but you don’t want to be without!

Portable Charge Bank
Photo from Amazon

#4 Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Access to an open outlet is hard to come by on a wedding day. With people needing outlets for curling irons and steamers, a portable charger is a lifesaver! This portable charger is small, holds a charge for a long time, and charges devices fast.

#5 Mini Toothbrushes

Mini Toothbrushes

A toothbrush is one of those toiletry items that is easily forgotten! We all know how terrible it feels to need to brush your teeth and be without a toothbrush. These mini toothbrushes are perfect for you and your wedding party to use for a quick brush before heading out to pictures! Plus, these toothbrushes ACTUALLY feel like you cleaned your teeth.

#6 Oil Blotting Paper

Oil Blotting Paper 

Having oil blotting paper on hand is a must and is something you and your wedding party will use! A light press is all you need with these and they won’t mess up your makeup! These oil blotting papers are nice to use between breaks in photos and before you walk down the aisle!

Photo from Amazon

#7 Mini Sewing Kit

Mini Sewing Kit

This nifty little sewing kit might come in handy for more than just sewing emergencies. It has thread in different colors, a pair of little scissors, needles, and more. Sewing a button back on or fixing a seam will be no problem with a sewing kit nearby!

#8 Double-Sided Fashion Tape

Double Sided Fashion Tape

Double-sided fashion tape is key to having in your wedding emergency kit to help things stay in place! These pre-cut strips are super sticky and adhere to skin easily. Fashion tape can come in handy, especially with lighter fabric dresses such as satin, which is very popular these days for bridesmaid dresses!

#9 Tide To Go Pens 

Tide to go Pens

We all know how quickly a stain or spill can happen. In comes Tide To Go pens to save the day and the outfit! These are perfect to tackle any stain mishap right on the spot and are a must-have for your kit!

Recovery kit for wedding day emergency kit.
Photo from Amazon

#10 Pre-Made Recovery Kit

Recovery Kit

Whether you’re getting married here in Vegas or not, there’s a chance you may have partied a little too hard with your friends the night before! Keep these in your emergency kits for yourself and whoever may need it. They are conveniently pre-packed, so you don’t have to spend the time or money gathering everything yourself.

Full Amazon Wedding Emergency Kit List 

Hopefully, this list gave you a few more ideas for items to add to your wedding day emergency kit! I have even more things on my full Amazon list here. Feel free to browse and decide what you need to grab! Let me know if there are any other wedding day essential items I should add! 

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