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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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There’s more to wedding party portraits than simply standing and smiling at the camera!! Once you get the classic portraits of your entire wedding party done, here are 5 must-have wedding party photos!

 As a wedding photographer, these are different ideas I use at almost every wedding! 

Walking wedding party photo

#1 Walking 

The walking photo is a go-to for photographing a wedding party! I like to do this one scattered as a group, so it is natural and candid! A little bit of movement is always good thing in photos and helps people feel more relaxed. We’ll probably do this walking photo a handful of times because everyone needs a practice run for it.

Pro Tip: Don’t let the couple get covered up by everyone else! I’ll often have the couple lead the walking or even take a step or two in front of the group before everyone starts walking. 

Individual photo of bride and bridesmaid

#2 Individuals 

This one might be obvious to you, but taking individuals photos is something I often remind couples of on the wedding day! I love to get a photo of the couple with each member of their respective parties. It gives each wedding party member a moment with the couple and often they will do something fun for a photo or two! It’s a nice memory to have for each individual friendship. 

Pro Tip: Print out individual photos to send to each wedding party member with a thank you card or simply as a thoughtful gift later on! These one-on-one photos are also great for shouting out a friend on a social post!

Wedding Party Photo with Motion Blur

#3 – Motion Blur

Once I’ve gotten enough photos of the entire group, and there’s still time, I love to get creative with motion blur photos! To get a motion blur photo, I’ll put the couple in the center of the frame. I’ll scatter the wedding party on each side of them, and tell them to walk across the frame (some will walk in front of them, some will walk behind them) and have the couple stay still! With a slow shutter speed, you get a really cool motion blur effect!

Just like the walking photos, we’ll probably try this photo a couple of times to make sure I have good options! 

Pro Tip: The couple staying completely still is key! Find a pose that feels comfortable for the both of you to hang out in while we do this photo. 

tunnel wedding party photos

#4 Tunnel

If I’m photographing a high-energy group of people, the tunnel photo is one I love to get. The wedding party will get into two lines, and just hype the couple up as they walk through the tunnel! We can call it a practice run for the sparkler exit! It’s also a great time to practice the end of the ceremony aisle kiss or sparkler exit kiss!

Pro Tip: The wedding party does not need to touch hands overhead to form the tunnel. Forming the two lines on each side with space gives the couple enough room to walk through without having to hunch over. 

Celebrate Wedding Party Photo

#5 Celebrate!

The wedding party celebrating is another fun and classic photo to get. For this we’ll gather the group, the couple kisses in the middle and everyone CHEERS! The louder, the better the photo comes out. This photo is even better if the wedding party isn’t in a straight line, but instead naturally circles up around the couple. 

Pro Tip: As the couple, simply kiss and smile at each other! Everyone else will take care of the celebrating! 

Aside from the classic smiling at the camera portraits, these wedding party photos are always fun to take and add variety to your final gallery! Are there any wedding party photos that you love, but I didn’t mention? Let me know through an e-mail or DM me on Instagram! I’m always open to new ideas!

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer 

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