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For some couples, they can’t fathom getting married without including their pets into their wedding day, but what’s the best way to do it? Today there are so many creative ways to include your pets, whether they are physically at your wedding or not! While diving in consider what might be best based on the personality and demeanor of your pet. Here are 5 cute ways to include your pets in your wedding!

Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Ceremony

#1 Include your pets in your wedding ceremony and portraits. 

Let’s start with the obvious answer! Everyone loves seeing a couple’s dog walking down the aisle with a member of the wedding party. If your dog loves the spotlight and wouldn’t shy away from the opportunity, then including them in the ceremony is a perfect option! It’s always fun to watch what a couple’s pet does during the ceremony. Do they take a nap? Sit attentively? You never know, yet it’ll be entertaining for you and your guests to see! At Sara and Jon’s Lake Tahoe wedding, their dog (pictured above and below) walked down the aisle and comfortably watched the ceremony!

Dog at wedding ceremony

Getting wedding day portraits with your pet is important too! You can arrange for your dog to be there before the ceremony or to stick around after so we can grab photos of both of you with your furry companion! 

Pro Tip: Booking a Wedding Day Pet Service!

Worried about the logistics of getting your dog to and from the wedding? There are now companies that offer services to care for your dog at your wedding! It’s one less thing you or a family member or friend have to worry about and coordinate. If you’re getting married in Las Vegas look into FairyTail Pet Care for their wedding day pet services!

Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Photos

#2 Get Ready with Your Pet 

Have you thought about having your pet around during getting ready? If their calming and comforting presence is what you need during getting ready, then it’s something to think about. This works best if you’re getting ready at your home or a friend/family member’s house. If your Airbnb or hotel allows your pets to come along, then that’s a great option too! 

One of Taya’s dogs chilled out on her lap while she was getting her hair and makeup done the morning of her wedding! Ted’s cufflinks were also engraved with two of their dogs’ faces.

Include Your Pet in Wedding Getting Ready
Wedding Cufflinks with Pet Faces

#3 Signature Drinks

Signature wedding cocktails are one of the easiest ways to include your pet on your wedding day when they can’t be there! You can name your drink after your animal, like a Rigley ‘Rita or a Winston Sour! Add a cute illustration of them on the drink menu and even the cocktail napkins. Everyone loves a cocktail with a fun name, even more when it’s named after a pet!

Include Your Pets In Your Wedding with Signature Cocktails

#4 Photo Booth Props

If your friends and family are as obsessed with your pets as you are, then they’ll love picking up a giant photo head of your pet as a photo booth prop! Print out big photos of your animals’ faces and throw them into the mix of photo booth props! Don’t be surprised if those make it out onto the dance floor too!

Wedding Photo Booth Props with Pets Faces

#5 Engagement Session Photos with Pets

Including your pets in your engagement photos is one of the best ways to include them in the wedding experience! For your wedding day, print out a few of the engagement photos that have your pets in them to frame and display at your wedding! 

Pro Tip for Including Your Pets in Your Engagement Photos

I love when couples want to bring their dog to their engagement session, but it does take extra thought! I highly recommend bringing a friend or family member along, so that after we take the photos with your pets, your friend can take the leash to keep them busy or even take them home for you! 

Wedding Couple with their dogs

Whether your pets can physically attend your wedding or not, there are so many unique ways to honor their presence and importance in your life! Consider what might be best based on the personality and demeanor of your pet, and include it in your wedding plans! 

Interested in seeing more real couples who included their pets into their wedding? Check out Sara & Jon’s Lake Tahoe wedding and Nicole & Matt’s Arizona wedding!

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