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One important part of the wedding day that you might not think about is your wedding detail photos. As a wedding photographer, detail photos are usually one of the first things photographed on a wedding day. Your wedding detail photos are one other way to tell the story of the day through the small items you’re wearing or bringing with you. Detail photos can capture the theme and color of your wedding day too!

In today’s blog post I’m sharing 3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Detail Photos!

Wedding Detail Photos

3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Details Photos

#1 Decide on Your Details

First, make a list of all the special details you’d potentially like to have photographed on your wedding day. Make a list of these items and start gathering them together. Be sure to set aside an invitation suite to bring along!

Here is a list of items you might want to include:

  • Invitation suite
  • Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.)
  • Watch
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Shoes
  • Rings (ALL the rings!) It’s so convenient if they are all in one place!
  • Ring Box
  • Tie/Bowtie 
  • Cufflinks
  • Boutineer 
  • Vow book
  • Letters 
  • Special, unique items or family heirlooms.
  • Nice Hanger for wedding dress

Don’t feel like you need to “force” yourself to find a certain item simply for the detail photos. These items should be meaningful, or something you are wearing or taking with you on your wedding day!

Tip #2 Add Florals

Including your wedding day florals to anything makes it 10x better! Flowers bring color and dimension to your wedding detail photos!  Ask your florist to set aside loose florals for your photographer to use in detail photos and check if they are able to deliver the flowers to your room during getting ready (around the time your photographer will arrive is best).

Tip #3 Gather Your Details Together.

Have all your wedding day details in one place on your wedding day! You can place them all in a box, bag, or in a designated area of the getting ready space. If you aren’t placing them in a box or bag, make sure other people know to keep the detail area separate. Getting ready spaces tend to get a bit messy during the busyness of a wedding day.  When your photographer arrives, they can ask where your wedding details are and then pick them all up from one place!

By preparing your wedding details before the wedding day, your photographer will be able to put together beautiful flat lay detail photos of all the items that are special to you!

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