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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Meet Katelyn

When I travel, sometimes I like to set up a session somewhere that I’ve never been! I love the saguaro cacti in Arizona, and wanted a different vibe than what we have in Las Vegas. I wanted a fun couple that would be willing to explore a new location with me. Sooo, this engagement session at Saguaro Lake really checked *all* of those boxes!

Matt and Nicole are starting to plan a 2022 wedding and have been together for 6 years! They were willing to climb down hills, onto rocks, up a bunch of stairs into cacti-land – it was an adventure. It was such a fun session, even though I almost slipped down a hill. Then later almost fell into a cactus. And finally, we were about eaten alive by gnats in the last 5 minutes. It was all completely worth it.

Scroll to see their cuteness, and try to spot the cactus that made my life flash before my eyes.

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