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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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As a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, I’m sharing my Top 5 Photography Tools that I wouldn’t be able to run my wedding business without! In today’s post, I’m sharing essential photography equipment and a few necessary business tools I use to manage my business.

Top 5 Photography Tools

Wedding Reception in Las Vegas

Wedding Photography Equipment

#1 Cameras with Dual Slots

Whether I’m photographing a wedding or an engagement session, I always have my cameras with dual slots in hand! Dual slots mean there are two slots in my camera for two memory cards. When I’m shooting, the photos record on both memory cards at once. This means that every photo is on two different cards, so in case one memory card fails they’re recorded on another. Having a solid backup system is key as a wedding photographer!

#2 On-Camera Flash

Direct flash for wedding reception photos is a huge trend right now and I’m here for it because it’s totally my jam! I love using my on-camera flash to create those dramatic, fun reception photos. Using flash isn’t only for reception photos, sometimes flash can help create a better image in an indoor scenario or in tricky lighting. As a wedding photographer, you have to know how to handle all the different types of lighting a wedding day can bring you. Knowing how to use my camera and my flash helps prepare me to handle whatever lighting situation comes my way and photograph it the best way possible!

Las Vegas Wedding Reception

#3 Wandrd Bag

I recently bought a Wandrd bag for all my photography gear and I am OBSESSED! I loved my previous camera bag, but it was lacking a few features I wanted. My Wandrd bag is better suited for more adventurous sessions and for traveling. This bag checked off all my boxes and a TON more I didn’t know I needed in a bag. Seriously, Wandrd thought of everything a photographer needs out of a backpack. For example, one of my favorite features is the collapsable and roll-up top for extra storage. Also, it has a side access slot to my camera, so I can quickly grab it at a moment’s notice. Overall, it’s a super sturdy backpack and I am so glad I invested in one to carry all my camera gear!

Wandrd Backpack for Wedding Photographers

Photography Business Software

#4 Dubsado

Dubsado is a business management software I use to organize EVERYTHING! It manages my calendar, bookings, leads, contracts, invoices, and so much more. I’ll be the first to admit when I first started my photography business, I did NOT have my organization down. Thankfully, I found Dubsado and was able to set up the structure and workflows that my business needed. Staying organized on the business side of things means I won’t miss a step throughout the client process. From getting your first email to the final delivery of your gallery, Dubsado makes it all happen!

Las Vegas Wedding Reception

#5 Backblaze

Backblaze is another part of my backup system as a photographer. Backblaze is a cloud storage platform that allows me to have an extra back of all your important memories! After every wedding or session, I transfer the photos from my camera memory cards onto two different external hard drives. From there my hard drives are backed up on Backblaze. Even if one piece of technology fails in my backup system, Backblaze gives me the peace of mind to know your images are safe and sound in cloud storage. As a wedding photographer, it’s beyond worth it to invest in a process that ensures your client’s photos are safely stored. 

Contrary to thought, it takes more than just a camera to run a wedding photography business. The Top 5 Photography Tools I shared today are a few of the most important ones!

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Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

I’m a wedding photographer based in Las Vegas and would love to chat with you about your wedding! Get in touch through my contact form!

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