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As a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, I’ve worked with several couples on their wedding day timelines. Building your wedding day timeline can feel overwhelming at times, especially since this is most likely your first time having to do so! Today I’m sharing 3 wedding timeline tips for a smooth wedding day!

3 Wedding Timeline Tips

3 Wedding Timeline Tips Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

#1 Consider the Sunset Time

First, when thinking of your ceremony time and the overall timing of your wedding day, think of the sunset time. You’ll probably want sunset portraits at some point (and trust me, you want these!).

Ceremony Time

There are a few ways to can make sure you get those glowy sunset portraits. First, you can plan the wedding ceremony time an hour or two before sunset.  Then after your ceremony and family photos, you should have time for golden hour portraits. If your ceremony ends up being earlier in the day, you and your partner can sneak out during the reception for 15 minutes of sunset photos.

Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Time of Year

It’s important to consider what time of year you are planning your wedding due to Daylight Savings Time and how early or late the sunset is. From spring to early fall, the sun of course sets later in the day, so there is much more time for sunset photos. On the other hand, once Daylight Savings Time hits in the fall, the sunsets way earlier in the afternoon so that moves up the timeline for the day.

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

#2 Build-In Buffer Time

It’s always better to have a timeline with extra time built-in, instead of a super tight timeline with no room to budge. On a wedding day it’s inevitable that something will run behind schedule (which is totally normal and ok!). Maybe it’s hair and makeup taking a little longer than planned, extra traffic getting to and from locations, or a wedding party member ends up getting lost. 

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

Don’t stress yourself out with a super tight schedule. It’s always better to overestimate how long different parts of your day will take. As a wedding photographer, I work closely with my couple’s on their wedding day timeline and will always add in extra time in different parts of the day just in case we need it! With extra time built-in, it also gives you the opportunity to just breathe and take in your wedding day.

Boho Las Vegas Wedding Photos

#3 Share your wedding timeline with your wedding vendors!

Finally, be sure to share your wedding timeline with your wedding vendors! It helps tremendously to keep everyone on the same page. There tends to be less confusion and the expectations of the day are set. You’ll also be able to get feedback from the vendors if there are any adjustments to be made. 

If you’re working with a wedding planner, your planner will likely share your timeline with all the vendors and will coordinate with them on the overall schedule for the day. Be sure to double-check with your planner that this is something they are going to help with and that they will be communicating the timeline with your vendors! 

3 Wedding Timeline Tips Las Vegas

If you’re working with a venue or wedding coordinator, they usually are not involved with planning the overall timeline for your wedding day, so make sure you know what all their duties are. If my couples don’t have a planner, then I work closely with them to design a wedding timeline that best fits their day! They are able to use my photography timeline to send or plan around other vendors.

Bonus Wedding Timeline Tip: ~Go with the flow!~

On your wedding day, remember nothing can happen without you there! Trust me as a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, I’d say something comes up at almost every wedding and the timeline has to flex. No biggie! Take a deep breath and just have fun! 

3 Wedding Timeline Tips Las Vegas Wedding

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