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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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As a Las Vegas elopement photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with couples who come to Vegas to elope. Along the way I’ve picked up on elopement mistakes to avoid! In today’s blog, I’m sharing the top five mistakes to avoid when planning your elopement.

Couple at Neon Museum Las Vegas

#1 Don’t Invite People Who Aren’t Supportive

Don’t invite people who aren’t supportive of your decision to elope. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Inviting people with negative mindsets about your decision will only add unnecessary stress and tension to your elopement. Remember the reasons you’ve decided to elope in the first place. Most likely you want to keep it super small, and intimate with only close friends and family. Or maybe you want to keep it between you and your partner. Some friends and family will be disappointed that they don’t get to celebrate with you on your big day, and that’s ok! It’s not about them and what they want. It’s about you! 

Take time to sit down with your partner to discuss your vision and priorities for your elopement. Do you want family and friends involved? If so, who do you want there?

#2 Don’t Forget the Legal Stuff

Let’s make your marriage official! Every state and even county has different rules and regulations when it comes to officially sealing the deal. Make sure you have a grasp on what you’ll need to get a marriage license. How soon do you need to apply? Do you need to have an officiant? What do you do after the wedding day? Can you apply for a license online? These are all important questions to keep in mind! 

Getting married in Las Vegas? Find out what you need to apply for a marriage license here!

#3 Don’t Be Afraid to Invest

The cool thing about eloping is that you can design your day to be whatever you want! Take time to discuss with your partner what your elopement priorities are and what your budget is. What things are you willing to spend a little more on? What are things can you do without? 

Maybe it’s spending a little more to get your dream wedding dress or a custom suit. Maybe you love flowers, and want to have a gorgeous bouquet! Or maybe you’re renting your dream car to cruise around in! Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to keep things simple. It’s a time to truly create the day of your dreams and invest in the things that are important to you!

#4 Do Your Research

Research! Especially if you’re getting married in a location you haven’t been to or aren’t very familiar with, you’ll need to spend time with Google. 

Be sure to research your chosen area or city thoroughly. What time of year is best to elope there? What will the weather be like? Is the location you want to visit accessible? Do you need a permit or pass to visit? Is this spot popular with tourists? Do you need a permit to hold a wedding ceremony here?

There are a LOT of questions and details to consider. You want your elopement to be as stress free as possible, and doing research beforehand is key! 

For couples planning elopements in Las Vegas, I’m always happy to help with research and to give recommendations!

#5 Not Hiring Your Dream Photographer

Don’t make the mistake of not investing in a photographer. Your elopement is one day. Make sure it’s documented beautifully by a professional. As a wedding photographer, I may be biased but it’s the big WHY behind my business. Your photos live on once your day is over. Your photos should take you right back to that day and tell the story of your elopement! Not only do I want your photos to help you relive your day, I want your family and friends to feel like they were there too! 

Think of these 5 elopement mistakes to avoid as topics to consider. With a little communication, research, and investment it’s possible to plan and create the elopement of your dreams!

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

As a Las Vegas Elopement Photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several amazing couples who decided to ditch the traditional wedding route and elope instead! Get a glimpse of what working with me looks like here!

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