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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Meet Katelyn

Just so you know, this isn’t the blog that I planned to write.

When I originally started this post, it was called, “20 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice from Past Couples.” I wrote the intro, added the photos, and it was time to collect those pieces of advice! I asked my Instagram audience for their #1 piece of advice they would give to a couple planning their wedding. Every wedding and every person is so different, and their planning processes can be so unique to each other, so I expected a variety of answers.

I definitely got some gems of advice:

  • Hire a great photographer. (Big agree)
  • Don’t stress about things out of your control.
  • Add some alone time to your wedding day timeline.
  • Keep it simple and splurge on the honeymoon.

But the rest of the responses came down to the same theme:


Invite who you want to invite. The day is about you. Be selfish and set boundaries. Elope, if what you really want is to just elope.

I see my couples all the time struggling to balance planning the wedding they want with keeping their loved ones happy. A lot of them confess to not even wanting the wedding in the first place, and would have just preferred to elope!

The best piece of wedding planning advice that anyone could give to you (but especially those who have been through it) is to get married how YOU want to! Don’t let anyone tell you that your wedding is too small, too big, too simple, too ANYTHING. You’re going to remember this day for the rest of your life, and you’ll want to remember it as one of the best. At the end of the day, the people that love you will support you in this exciting chapter. (And if they wont, give me their number, I just wanna talk.)

My favorite thing about being a Las Vegas wedding photographer is that you can get married HOWEVER you want to. You can have the extravagant, detailed wedding of your dreams. Elope with red rock as your backdrop, or get hitched downtown by Elvis and go celebrate on Fremont Street. It can be just the two of you, or with your closest friends and family! The ways to get married in Las Vegas are truly endless and customizable. Let’s plan your perfect day.

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