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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Meet Katelyn

I often hop on the phone for the first time with a couple and they have zero questions for me. This is (probably) your first wedding planning rodeo, and you don’t know what to ask! Photography is an investment, and it’s worth it to be careful about who you trust to capture your wedding day. Here are some questions I recommend asking to make sure your hard earned money is well spent.

Can we see a few full galleries from your recent weddings?

Chances are, you’ve seen their website and Instagram, but have you seen a full gallery? Social media and our websites have the highlight reels! These are our favorite images, maybe a handful from a wedding that we are excited to show off. The prettiest lighting, locations, laughs – these are the ones that we love to post! It’s important to ask to see a full gallery to make sure the rest of their work lives up to what they present to you online.

What happens if you are unable to photograph our wedding?

Photographers are often running a one man/woman show. We’re not immune to family emergencies, injuries, or anything else that would prevent us from getting to your wedding. Will they send another photographer? Will you receive a refund? Trust me, this is every photographer’s nightmare. We do everything in our power to make sure that it doesn’t come to this! However, it’s helpful to know that even in a worst case scenario, you’ll be taken care of.

What is your process for backing up images? Do you carry backup equipment?

Just like emergencies can happen to anybody, technology is not 100% fail-proof. Personally, I shoot onto multiple memory cards at a time, keep images on those cards until the gallery has been safely delivered, and back up to multiple hard drives. This way, if one thing fails on me, your images are in multiple other safe places. I also carry multiple camera bodies, just in case one of them starts acting up on me for no apparent reason (technology, amirite?) This is the type of answer you should be looking for from a professional photographer.

When will we receive my full gallery? Can we expect any sneak peeks?

Another two part question! You’re eager to see your wedding images – We totally get it. Turnaround time should be noted in a photographer’s contract, but find out how long you’ll be waiting. If you know that you’ll want to share on social media right away, ask if you will receive any sneak peeks! To give you an idea, I personally send previews within 24 hours so that the first wedding image you share isn’t a blurry cell photo from Aunt Barb. 😉

How would you describe your shooting style at a wedding?

Shooting style will vary from one photographer to another. Some prefer to lay low and document the day in a very photojournalistic way, some are more hands on, and others are somewhere in between! You may have any of the 3 preferences depending on your personality or ideal vibe of your wedding, and making sure that your photographer’s shooting style matches your vision will give you the best results.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this helps! Feel free to comment with any questions at all.

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