newborn sessions

When it comes to newborns, I offer two types of sessions: Fresh 48 and lifestyle. My goal for each session is to capture candid moments. I won't put your baby in anything other than your arms. I won't put them in a pose that isn't one they would put themselves in naturally. I want to get the stretches (aka sick dance moves), biiiiiiig yawns, tiny smiles (it's probably gas, but still), snuggling, smooching, staring, sleeping or wide-eyed, tiny feet, little hairs, and any other of these fleeting details that you'll want to remember as your little one grows and grows. With either type of session, you'll end up with precious images that you'll be able to look back on to relive these things. And, as a bonus, you'll get to hear my baby voice in full-force, totally free of charge. You're welcome.

A little about each type of session...


Fresh 48

A lifestyle session happens within your first couple weeks home with your baby. Siblings are more than welcome to be included, but the focus will be on your new addition. I'll photograph the little one with you where you are most comfortable, right in your home. There will be lots of swaddling and snuggling and smooching and straight up love.

This session takes place while you and your brand new baby are still in the hospital and you are feeling your most photogenic (ha!) Photography may be the last thing on your mind in that moment, but you can trust me. You'll want to remember the hospital bands, the newness, and every detail of that room where you and your baby first met.


fresh 48