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Hi, I'm Katelyn!

Don't be fooled by the photo, I much prefer pajamas. I'm a 25 year old photographer, Jesus lover, unashamed cat lady, Air Force veteran, and Amazon Prime addict.  I was born and raised in Ohio but am currently living in (and LOVING) the beautiful state of Utah! When I'm not taking photos or editing them you can find me forcing my affection onto my cats, at the premiere of the newest Marvel film, binging the same three shows on Netflix, (Friends, Parks & Rec, The Office... of course),  aimlessly driving around and taking in the beauty of where I live, or window shopping for plane tickets on Google flights at 2 am.

The story of me becoming a photographer is pretty standard. I fell in love with photography at a young age. From a disposable camera, from my first little point-and-shoot, I loved it all. Nothing makes me feel the way that photography does. After high school I joined the Air Force and spent 4 years as a C-17 electrician (so random, I know), but knew when it was time to separate or re-enlist, I couldn't put off this dream of mine any longer. So here I am. Pursing just that. And loving every moment of it.

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Avery Faye

Faye isn't a part of my real name. My middle name is Marie! Instead, I decided to dedicate half of my business name to a sweet little baby girl named Avery Faye. (Some photos of her below- LOOK AT THAT HAIR! WHO GAVE HER THE RIGHT?) I became her momma in August 2016, and she left to be with Jesus after 7 short weeks. I don't want to live a life where she isn't a vital part of it, so half of my business name is hers. I truly feel that having loved and lost her further fueled my passion for documenting my client's precious memories.

Things I'm obsessed with

  • Jesus
  • My cats, Liam and Hunter
  • Marvel movies (I am emotionally invested.)
  • Also, LOTR, The Hobbit, Harry Potter... #nerdlife
  • Trying to keep plants alive (usually failing, though)
  • Netflix binging
  • Farmer's markets

if you've made it this far, enjoy some more of my face. and my cats.